Stroke Phases

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Understanding the phases of the stroke is imperative for developing correct rowing technique.

  1. The Catch – Think of your body as a loaded spring. If you load the spring properly you would be able to launch yourself quickly and effectively.
  2. The Leg Drive – The Drive is the actual application of force phase of the stroke. The Leg Drive makes about 60% of that force.
  3. The Thunk Drive – The Trunk swing (drive) makes about a third of the overall force applied. It is important to hold a braced core and powerfully pop your hips open. The Thunk Drive is immediately followed by the arms pull to finish the Drive phase of the stroke.
  4. The Finish – The Finish or also called the release is the end of the Drive phase. The moment when you stop applying force on the machine and prepare yourself for The Recovery.
  5. The Recovery – The Recovery is one of the most important parts of the stroke as it allows you to relax and recover, as well as load the body at The Catch ready for the next stroke.
    Understanding the different parts of a stroke is important, however you should not forget rowing is a perpetual movement and one should work towards fluidity of motion when mastering the skill.