Power Score

by | May 26, 2021 | Blog | 1 comment

Here at Form First, we want everybody to know far they are along their journey to becoming stronger and healthier and for that we created a metric that allows us to do that.

What is power score?

Power score is a number we give you at the end of your workout that tells you how much effort you put into your workout compared to your other workouts. This power score will guide you to make sure you train enough at the right intensity to make progress.


What is FTP?

To explain power score, I’ll first need to explain what FTP is. FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power and it is the power output you can sustain for 1 hour of exercise. The good thing about FTP is that is has been studied extensively, although primarily in other sports, but because it is so well characterized, we can then estimate a power you should be able to achieve for any workout duration.


How do we calculate it?

Now we can discuss where power score comes from. We use your previous workouts to estimate your current FTP curve, meaning how much power you can sustain for different lengths of exercise. Once we know your FTP curve we can compare your current workout’s performance against it and see if you performed close to your optimal performance for that specific piece. Power score of 100% therefore means that you performed exactly as the FTP curve predicted, scores below 100% mean that your performance was lower than your capacity and scores above 100% mean that you have pushed yourself harder.


What does it mean?

Our goal at Form First is to guide you to becoming stronger no matter whether you have just started rowing or whether you are a seasoned professional.

This is why we created a metric which stays relative to your current performance, so that you can always compare whether you are pushing yourself hard enough to make progress, and this is the power score.

Sometimes during training it’s difficult to gauge how well we performed, especially if we haven’t done the same workout before. That’s why we came up with this power score, so that you know how much of your expected capacity have you reached in this workout.

Getting high power scores on your workouts, meaning above 100%, will force your body to adapt over time, build muscle and cardiovascular capacity and you will see the results for yourself when you look at your pace or in our app where you can see how you have improved over time.