Our Technology 

We use advanced AI to help you improve your rowing technique.

Our app uses neural networks to analyse your mechanics and provide feedback with a custom animation overlay on top of your own rowing video.

All that you need is your phone. No additional equipment is required.

We offer training plans that include custom protocols for activation, mobility and technique practice. We understand no two rowers are the same and we lever technology to adapt your training to your body’s unique mechanics. 

How does it work?

For the beginner and intermediate rower:

  • Test your technique against our AI and get your technique score.
  • We will then use the results to prepare a custom training plan that will help you improve your mechanics, as well as, make you a more efficient rower. 

For the advanced and elite rower: 

  • Record a video of your rowing through the technique analysis feature and get the raw data containing metrics such as rhythm, max handle and seat speed and seat stopped percentage among others. 
  • Tap into our drills library and get some inspiration for your next technical session. 

We also have an extensive Knowledge section where you can learn more about common faults, rowing phases, power production and the Concept2 machine. 

And if you just want to do your own thing, you can pick and choose activation, practice and mobility drills from our Practice section and integrate those into your own training sessions.