Music, the new performance enhancer?

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Recent research shows that listening to fast-tempo music can increase the amount of power you can produce during exercise. Music makes you feel good, can help you concentrate while working or studying and a 2019 study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that music can also help you extend your fatigue threshold while exercising. Tune in today and find out more about how you your music playlist can make you stronger!

1:03Music is the newest performance enhancer – Research shows that what you listen to can massively affect how productive you are in your workout

1:33 – Latest research (Feb. 2020) shows that fast-tempo music can increase the amount of power produced in an exercise.

2:30 – Key facts from the study – “(…) the study show that upbeat music increases peak power output by 7,2% (…) and increases the mean power by 6.3%.

4:55 – What is fatigue threshold – “the time it takes to feel tired before performing a repeating exercise”

10:08 – Useful suggestions among playlists – “whether you like pop, or rock, or techno, or drum N bass, or something else, I’m pretty sure you can find a few tunes that you can put while exercising”

10:37 – Experiment for our listeners – “(…) train a little without music and do the same workout with music and see how they felt and see what was the difference in performing”

13:20 – Another study showing similar results – “(…) fast-tempo music and strong rhythms are expected to activate the sympathetic nervous system and enhance performance”

13: 54 – The difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems – “(…) SNS controls the body’s response to a perceived threat (…) while PNS controls the homeostasis and the body and rest”

16: 53 – Another relevant study in the field – “(…) fast music, whether classical or techno or any other style can cause a rise in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and reduces the baroreflex sensitivity”

17:35 – What is baroreflex – “(…) the body’s homeostatic mechanism that helps to maintain the blood pressure at nearly consistent level”

21:02 – Music is a psychological ergogenic – “The term “ergogenic” is derived from the Greek words “ergon” and “genes” which means “work” and “production” or “creation”, respectively. (…) It refers to how we produce work. (…) fast music can help us increase our exercise performing and helps us achieve a greater workload”

27:40 – Fast tempo music for training – “Maximize your power output by listening to a song between 120 and 200 BPM. (…) We prefer rock and heavy metal (…) but everyone can take advantage regardless of their style.

29:05 – Top-Rated upbeat songs – “all between 120 nd 200 BPM (…) raging from different styles and ages (…) Queen, Metallica, Lenny Kravitz, Rhianna and Britney Spears”