Injuries & Injury Prevention

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1:00 – Some figures and stats. “Injuries are the most common reason for people to stop practicing sport. In the US only about 8.6 million people get injuries from sport annually.”

2:08 – Injuries ending careers. “Sport injuries are the main reason for sport career termination among professional athletes.”

3:35 – Types of injuries. “Acute injury is a sudden injury that is usually associated with a traumatic event such as clashing into another player during sports or a fall from a bike. A traumatic impact can cause your bone to crack, muscles to tear or ligaments or soft tissue damage.”

6:05 – Overuse injuries. “I want to talk about overuse injuries a bit more, as I really think these are trickier to deal with, more difficult to spot, and sadly, often by the time we spot them and admit to ourselves that we have one , we are already late and need some medical attention.”

6:58 – 4 stages of Overuse injuries. “As we train, we are taught to grind, go through pain and associate a certain level of discomfort as a normal part of our training. And when you are committed to your training it is so difficult to admit that your body is telling you ‘I am experiencing damage. You should now stop!’.”

10:38 – Most common reasons for injuries. “Improper technique also can take its toll on your body. If you use poor form as you do a set of strength training exercises, swing a golf club or throw a baseball, for example, you may overload certain muscles and cause an overuse injury.”

14:33 – The ‘cost’ of an injury. “If an injury hits you, you then have to take two or three weeks off training. And these interruptions not take a toll on our bodies, but they can also make the return to training so much more difficult. Finding motivation to come back and regaining your strength can be very tough especially for a beginner.”

19:09 – Injury prevention. “If you continue to do heavy training with poor technique your body would be able to perhaps compensate to a certain degrees for poor form and mechanics, but if you don’t master technique, you will never be able to fulfill your potential.”

30:27 – What about back pain? “In weightlifting nearly every elite athlete is affected annually by back pain. Even swimmers, soccer and tennis players, wrestlers and gymnast have issues with it, where 50 to 85% of the athletes experience back pain within the duration of a season.”

34:00 – Some practical advice. “If you’re starting a new fitness program, avoid becoming a weekend warrior. Compressing your physical activity for the week into two days can lead to an overuse injury.”

39:45 – Our personal experience with injuries. “I was sore for days. And I was not sore because of this one lift that I did, but because I did it with such a poor form. I was thinking after how grateful I am for my strong back and core and how lucky I got this time, as I could have broken my back or slipped a disk with that awful form. I really dodged a bullet then, and it made me realize I have to go back and work on my technique.”

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