Form First Rowing

Form First Rowing is a mobile application for indoor rowing that helps athletes get feedback on their technique.

How It Works

We use advanced AI to help you improve your rowing technique.

Our app uses neural networks to analyse your mechanics and provide feedback with a custom animation overlay on top of your own rowing video.

All that you need is your phone. No additional equipment is required.

Form First Podcast

We cover topics ranging from health, fitness, injury prevention and how technology can help us as athletes to get better while staying healthy. We would be boiling down complex sport science topics, bringing you the latest research from the field of fitness and technology, and basically helping you be a more educated athlete by bringing best practices and sustainability to your training.

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Latest Episode:

#14 – Strength training for rowers

Maintaining strength is very important, especially when training alone from home. Recently, many of us have been locked at home with nothing much to do and plenty of time to exercise. Doing long workouts, however great, leads to adaptations more related to endurance, rather than strength endurance. Regaining strength at home can be challenging due to lack of equipment. Today we will talk about what are the best strategies for building strength with minimum equipment. We have also added two full body sessions with one kettlebell only.

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